Go Watch this Class. NOW.

I was in Las Vegas for AU for about 48 hours this year, so I missed out on a lot of great classes. I am catching up at http://au.autodesk.com. If you login with the password you used to register for AU, you’ll get access to the class papers and screencasts.

I just finished watching CV-300-4P Caffeinated Grading with David Garrigues. YOU MUST WATCH THIS CLASS. If you didn’t go to AU or you aren’t on subscription, make friends with someone with access and watch it on their machine over lunch.

Find more about why after the jump.

Dave explains triangulation, flipping faces, and the nitty gritty of feature line and grading operations. Plus, it is entertaining as all heck. I have never seen anyone do such a good job explaining how a TIN works. He also breaks down sites, easy customization ideas and innovative ways to use infills. It is more of an “anatomy of grading” class (like the best practices paper in action, so to speak) than a workflow “how to grade this type of object” class.

While it is definitely an advanced class, don’t be afraid to watch it. If you just pick up one or two things, you’ll be miles ahead.

I am not sure what bothers me the most- that I missed a really neat, fun class or that I missed saying hello to Dave’s co-presenters. Dave teamed up with Glen Albert and Chris Putnam from Autodesk. Glen and Chris make the tools so they know what is going on in the background. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and willingness to explain what the program is thinking so that I can figure out ways to make it work in real life. Sorry we didn’t connect at AU, Glen and Chris!


  1. Sage Root says:

    Is anyone able to access the screencasts via subscription? I get kicked to the user forum registration form when I try to access the AU page from the subscription center page.


  2. Yeah, I got it to play. Just takes a minute.

    BTW, I second Dana’s recommendation.

  3. John Lowe says:

    I was there and it did kick some major ass.
    The webcast is good too, I was planning on having a lunch and learn and watch it. Dave is the man!

  4. Any time someone passes out Red Bull at the start of class is a class to watch!

  5. Fred Mitchell says:

    I have the same problem. I hope they get that fixed soon.


  6. Tom Scheevel says:

    Just hit cancel at the bottom of the forum registration page. Then you get the forum login page. Log in using your discussion group id and password.

  7. JohnCobb says:

    I don’t get it. Is there a secret handshake? I login, get a cordial welcome, and am informed there is a screencast & materials. I can save the PDF’s, but nowhere is there a hint of “view screencast” or the like.

  8. The PDF has a paperclip – the Screencast is a little play button that has Screencast on it.

  9. Sage Root says:

    I am in the same boat as JohnCobb. I get no hyperlinks on the page that I get to.


  10. Robert Davidson says:

    Same here John and Sage. I did not attend AU07. Is the video portion of this lesson only available to those that attended? I can download the pdf(s) both are the same thing not sure what that is about. There is no little “play” button on the AU CV300-4P Caffeinated Grading that I can see. I get session materials but nothing to watch. Any help is appreciated.

  11. Robert Davidson says:

    This is from the AU blog site:

    All, If you attended AU 2007 and have trouble logging on, please email AU Web Manager james.caldwell@autodesk.com. Please provide your AU username (NOT password). Please make sure you are using the same UN/PW and/or email you used during AU registration. If you did not attend AU 2007, you have access to the handouts, presentation – and soon voice recordings of 300 sessions from this years’ event. You also have full access to all 2006 materials. Subscription customers – need to go through the subscription center the first time to create their AU website login. If you don’t come though the Sub center – you are not recognized by the site as a subscription customer and you will not see the screencasts. .

  12. Robert Davidson says:

    Ok those that are having trouble viewing this screencast. You either needed to attend AU 2007 or be a subscription member with Autodesk. Otherwise all you can do is view the handouts. I did not attend AU2007 so I logged into subscription http://pointa.autodesk.com/local/enu/portal/signin.jsp Once logged in on the right side of the screen there is a graphic AU Autodesk University Online, Enjoy free access> Click that and then you can get to the screencast and watch the CV-300-4P Caffeinated Grading with David Garrigues.
    Hope this helps

  13. Tommie Richardson says:

    Dana is correct about this being something you don’t want to miss. I almost took another class instead because someone else described it as a “beginner’s course to grading”. I went to the class anyway because it was on my schedule and I’m so glad I did. Even though I attended many great classes (Dana’s included), this is the first handout that I shared with my coworkers when I returned from AU this year and I refer to it often when assisting others with grading and feature line questions.

  14. Kevin McDaniel says:

    I am a Autodesk subscriber but not registered for AU2007- can anyone provide a link so I can watch the class recording?

  15. David Garrigues says:

    Wow! Thank you very much. Like most things I do in life I did not do it alone. There were probably at least 15 other people half of which are up at Autodesk who helped me greatly. I had a great time doing it and I am just thankful that I had the opportunity to serve others and bring honor to those who supported me and gave me their time. THANKS!!!!

  16. Dave –
    Is there a Red Bull Anon? Your enthusiasm is infectious! The class was great.