Go Get Wet-H&H Tools Available

In case you don’t hit the site that often, the Intellisolve extensions are available over on the VIP, I mean extension, I mean Point A, I mean Subscription site. These are the tools mentioned last week during the H&H webcast.

Oh, and Chuck Lamping was kind enough to point out the new Discussion Groups here. 

Grab ’em while they’re hot!


  1. Jason Michel says:

    Who is going to publish the first “StormCAD to Hydroflow Stormsewers” and “PondPack to Hydroflow Hydrographs” whitepapers. I know a couple of people would be interested in escaping the holds of Bentley when they can get Hydroflow for “free” (of course you must be on subscription).

  2. Too bad I can’t SWiMM.

  3. I can’t find the link for the program in the subscription site. Perhaps it is not yet available for italian users. >:-(

  4. Fred Mitchell says:

    It’s at the bottom of the subscription page under Product information and downloads.

  5. Lindsay Wratten says:

    I agree with Raffaello, the link is not in the Product information and downloads section of the subscription centre viewable in Australia

  6. It seems it’s a US-only link for now. Not sure what that’s about, but you just never know with international rules. Sorry to have set-it up for no reward!

  7. Kyle Evans says:

    I am from Canada, and I was able to download it? Maybe because we are so close to the US???

  8. Plankon Zept from the .DE says:

    A hint for all non-US-customers: To make the download link available in subscription-center you have to change your preferred language from your native language to us-english.

    Normally, I’d want a real name on the account, but this is good info, so we’re letting it go.-JW

  9. Just FYI, the 2 new hydraflow extensions are released and available on the subscription site.
    Angel posted a little more on the subject

  10. Stephen Bourquein says:

    Maybe I’m not doing something correctly, but I do not find the posted extensions. I am a subscriber. I log on to the subscription site in the “Extension” part of the AutoCAD Civil 3D page, I find only the reference to the H & H Storm Sewer Extension. I downloaded that and it appears to work.

  11. Stephen,
    Once you log in, on the front page (Home) of the Subscription Center at the bottom, there is a heading for Product Information and Downloads. Under there you should see “AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 – Hydraulics and Hydrology Extensions”. Click the link and it should take you where you can download all 3 extensions – Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension, Hydraflow Hydrographs Extension, and Hydraflow Express Extension.