Civil 3D with Third Party Storm Sewer Design Applications

Thanks to all of you who attended “Using AutoCad Civil 3D with Third Party Storm Sewer Design Applications” at AU2007 last week. Many of you have asked for the spreadsheet I used in the class. To save time, I’m posting it here. Follow the link after the jump.

UPDATE: Many of you have asked about the link to the URL where Hydraflow Storm Sewer can be found and asked when it will be active. Updated info after the jump.

UPDATE CONTINUED: As far as I know, it will be active on December 13, 2007.

The completed XML mapped spreadsheet can be downloaded here: Excel LandXML spreadsheet

The hand out for the class can be downloaded here: CV310-3P Handout



  1. Jon Duddles says:

    What is the correct link for page 9 1st paragraph?

  2. TimStalin says:

    I believe that will be the link (that’s the address given out at AU) but it isn’t active yet.

  3. Mark –

    Your LandXML hack will pay for this trip to AU in short order! I just can’t believe that I didn’t think about it before!

  4. Matt,

    Glad to help. Several people have said the same thing. But isn’t that what AU is all about? 😉
    I’ll keep everyone posted on the automatic area import issue.


  5. C. Summers says:

    OK, news to me, when did they announce Hydraflow products were free to subscription members? I cannot find any references to this on Autodesk’s site.

  6. Nathan says:

    HydraFLOW tools here although it says it’s US$250.

    So are Autodesk planning on making this free for subscribers? Or am I looking at the totally wrong product?

  7. Peter Funk announced in Rad Lazic’s class that Intellisolve’s HydraFlow would be available for download free sometime in December. Very vague, I know, but it was repeated by Tanya West (tanya.west at autodesk dot com) in the Stormwater Part II class. She’s involved in implementing it at Autodesk.

    You might want to sign up for the webcast this Friday (12/7) as well.
    Introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 Storm Sewer Extension
    Presenter: Dave Simeone, Civil 3D Product Manager

  8. See update at the top of this post for the release date.


  9. Louisa says:

    Thanks very much for the information. This was one of the most useful classes I attended at AU. Are all the XML components you posted compatible with Exel 2003? Alternatly, could I convince you to post the file in 2003 format? …with sugar on top?

  10. Thanks for the very nice comments about the class. It was greast meeting you in Vegas. I haven’t tested in Excel 2003. I will post the 2003 version of the spread sheet soon.

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  12. Ben Lanzillotta says:

    I am having some problems importing and exporting xml data into excel 07. If anyone can tell where I am going wrong I would really appreciate it. I open excel, click on the developer tab, click source and click the XML Maps button. Then I went to and downloaded landxml 1.1 and saved it to my computer. Went back to excel and broused the landxml1.1 file I had just downloaded and added it to the xml maps window. Then I get a window that says the selected xml schema contains more then one root node and it can only create a map based on one root node so I select “landxml”. It says that the following elements can’t be mapped to a worksheet and will not be visible in the xml source pane but there are only 6 and none of them seem to pertain to what I am working on so I click yes to adding the schema. It maps and tree appears in the xml source pane. So far I feel pretty good about what is done and I move on to trying to drag items from the tree to specific cells in excel. The titles come in with a blue highlight below them. I right click on the blue cell and go to xml and import. The field is populated with my data. Then if I click Verify Map for Export it tells me that the data is unexportable because it contains lists of lists and some relationships won’t be able to maintained. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Due to the…unusual (irrational) storm water sewer design criteria in my area I have to generate flows for individual pipes based off of different critera which means excel calculations. If I can’t get this xml data into a spreadsheet and manipulate it, then get it back into landxml format and into hydraflow I have a lot of data entry in my future. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

  13. Pipe flows are not currently imported into Hydraflow via XML.

  14. Ben Lanzillotta says:

    Thanks for the help. I guess I will just have to hope that something like that is in the next version. Thanks