Testing the Waters

Anyone that has been stuck around me for any length of time knows I’m an Apple fanboy at heart. Before there was C3D, there was the Mac. Well, now I get to play back around with both. I’ve just finished installing C3D & Vault on my new MacBook, and I’m beyond pleased with the results. I’m also testing out a new blogging tool. Not as happy with that, but we’ll see where this goes.

VMware FusionScreenSnapz002

Check out the image for my results.

Oh! And thanks to Travis Klasna of Jeo Consulting Group, Inc. for convincing me to take the leap. He did it first.

An update: Running under both OSes natively makes it all that much sweeter. I slipstreamed a XP SP1 Installation disc late last night and fired up Bootcamp. Bootcamp basically tells the Mac disc to let the XP setup take over a partition. With that in place, Apple includes some specific drivers, but essentially, I have a Apple-branded XP laptop now.

This native support let me FLY in C3D, as well as fire off Bioshock just to really test things. If you’ve never seen that, you REALLY need to at least check it out. I’ve not played a FPS game since Marathon & Doom, but this is something else. Anyway, it runs like a top, and now I have the complete best of both worlds.

Oh, and back in X, I can fire up Fusion, and launch that same instance of XP when I need something on the fly. Yeah, I’m in nerd heaven.


  1. TimStalin says:

    I was running C3D on MacBook for the last year through Parallels and, like James, I was really surprised by how well it ran. It was not a solution for running C3D full time in my opinion, but it worked great for working with it out of the office.

    The best thing about running Windows in a virtual machine is that you are able to run it lean with very little extraneous software (ie – anti-virus, email client, browser, etc).

    One quick question — have you encountered any problems or glitches running Fusion on Leopard?

  2. JohnCobb says:

    Dang, boys. That’s almost as bad as Microstation!

  3. B. Erickson says:

    I am assuming Jame and Tim are running C3d on a MacBook Pro? Or did you both get it to work on a MacBook?

    Wow, I have been wanting to try running C3d on a Macbook Pro of a Mac Pro but haven’t pulled the trigger. Have you all tried plotting from Parallel or Fusion?

    Keep us up to date, I would love to take the office to Apple hardware BUT Autodesk software is a must.

  4. John Lowe says:

    is that running through the mac OS or is that on a VM. I figured it was a VM, but I can’t see the VM window and I see Vault and CAD icons installed as shortcuts on your mac. very interesting!

  5. Jason Hickey says:

    I said it Thursday when you were walking out of the store, and I’ll say it here as well so everyone else can see it –


    Nice screenshots, though. Can’t wait to see it run in person. I’m intrigued 😉

  6. VMWare Fusion from the top of the screen cap.
    As for Hickey’s comment 🙂

  7. chris a says:

    I was running C3D on my Macbook Pro earlier in the year, it was awesome, except sometimes after doing a large corridor rebuild or grading my mouse pointer would disappear. Have you had this problem at all? I think my MBP may have not had enough under the hood as it is the 1st generation of these laptops. Its amazing how fast the power drops when running windows.

    I’ll take being called a geek over a nerd any day!

  8. David Blanchard says:

    I have tried 3D under both Fusion and Parallels with great success, although to me I think it would be in our best interest to keep putting pressure on Autodesk to port this so that it runs natively in OSX. Many of the problems our people have here with Autocad/Civ3D seem to be Windows related.

    Also, to whomever was asking about Leopard and Fusion – the only issue I’ve noticed is that frequently, Fusion has some problem when overwriting files to networked drives (or deleting them for that matter) but this does not appear to be because of Civ3D, and happens regardless of the program being used. I am using the latest build of Fusion (1.1rc, dated 10/25/07).

  9. jfs4977 says:

    wow, this bring up so many question,like
    how does the timemachie interact with the files and the vault sys.?
    what are your spec on your mac?
    will it run on panther?
    so vmware is like virtual pc?
    cant wait till c3d runs on my iphone,(it can happen) woohoo!!

  10. jfs4977 says:

    sorry didnt run spell check, to excited

  11. Josh Petersen says:

    I just installed Boot Camp and Civil 3D and Impression 2 on my Macbook Aluminum 13″ (not the pro). So far working perfectly in Boot Camp, but having issues with activation on VMware Fusion and it keeps asking me to activate my copy of C3D. Impression DOES NOT work on VMware, I’ve tried it twice and both times its crashed.