Revit and Civil 3D – Do they REALLY work together?

Finally, since my class was over this morning, I can give the official answer – kinda, but not that great.    Brilliant, huh?

Thanks to all that attended my class this morning – I had a lot of fun, and would like to thank my former coworker, Mike Massey for his assistance with it.    I’ll be posting the handout later this week for anyone interested in how to make the two programs work together.  

Here’s a question for any of you who are currently trying to use both Civil 3D and Revit – I know that using shared coordinates should make Revit export drawing files out to the correct coordinate system, but we’ve had issues with that.    If anyone has made it work correctly, please email me and let me know how you’ve done it.    My address is my first name dot my last name at this domain – Thanks!

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