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Good morning from lovely Kirkland, Washington! I’m visiting Kahili Coffee for my morning mocha (double shot, no whip, in case you ever want to bring me one.) You know, you just don’t get artistry like this at Starbucks.


If you’ve ever completed one of our surveys, you know that we’ve looked at various membership options, including pay ver view, pay per month, or none at all. We’ve gone round and round about it, trying to balance your needs with our own need to keep it viable and easy to use.

Starting today, you’ll need to login to view most posts. We hope you’ll consider this a small price to pay for the great tips, commentary, and content that the team delivers. We are still working out some issues, so if you have a problem with funny pages or errors, please drop me a line at this domain, and we’ll do our best to sort them out.

Thanks for visitin.


  1. Whit McCormack says:

    This is indeed a small price to pay for the valuable information you guys produce. Keep up the good work and Thanks!

  2. I recommend a large double double from Tim Hortons.
    Nice work on the site!