No Spine Jokes, It’s Just Too Easy.

It’s been a few weeks in coming, but I’m finally able to get my interview with Tom Spine up and ready for your enjoyment. This one’s not as long as my conversation with Peter, but I think it’s got some great insight into the process that is making C3D sausage.

“Who’s Tom Spine?” you ask. Listen here and find out.

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  1. Brian Strandberg says:

    We had Tom and Chakri (sp?) in our offices last week to discuss our use of Civil 3d and its shortcomings. I was really impressed with a few things. They seem to realize that the power behind the program is very hard to find not just for a newcomer, but also to a frequent user.

    They seem very dedicated to making the user’s experience better in the future, and they want to listen to what the wants the program to use.

    What I was surprised to hear is that they in the product development team have little or no interaction or control over the people writing the Autodesk Authorized training manuals for the program.

    It’s my belief that the problems with Civil 3d extend as much to the documentation as with the program. I think that explains why people are willing to buy 700+ page books to try and figure out how to use this thing. I think there will always need to be 3rd party books on software, I just think the companies effort needs to be the benchmark to start from.