Exhibit Hall Fun

Well, we got the booth set up along with the 3000+ cans of Play-Doh. Now we’re just killing time waiting for it to open to the masses. If you’re here in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by booth #213 and say hi.



  1. That’s too funny.

  2. Jeff Glenn says:

    What’s with the Play-Doh?

  3. Jason Hickey says:

    It’s a “Flexible Modeling Solution” of course!

  4. the play doh story…. it’s from my first civil3d.com post back in august 2006. brings a tear to my eye. I can’t remember what life was like before I joined this team. I certainly don’t ever want to go back.


  5. And EE makes Civil 3D child’s play…and we can help you make dough with Civil 3D…and it’s a reminder of the Civil 3 D’oh! days…I got a ton of ’em!

    But Dana’s post was the original inspiration. That, and Costco selling 80 packs of the cans for really cheap last year. We gave away some 2000 cans this year!

  6. Jeff Glenn says:

    Ah! I.C.

    Well thanks for clearing that up for me 😉