ENSO – Anyone Ever Hear of This?

This post is not related to civil 3D except that this application called ENSO can be used with most windows apps. This is such a cool application, I had to share it. Check out this demo: http://www.humanized.com/enso_demo.php

Please comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy!


  1. John Lowe says:

    i suppose it is ok, but why do they keep using the calc command as the example? I never go all the way into accessories to get to the calculator. just hit the Windows key + R and then type calc.

  2. jrizzo says:

    Pretty neat. All of the effort that Microsoft has undertaken to make Windows easy to learn has made it cumbersome to use. This brings back the power of a command based OS and integrates it with the Windows GUI. Sort of like the command line in AutoCAD. It seems like a natural application for voice recognition. Let me hold down caps lock and tell the computer what to do. I don’t see it becoming popular with non power users, though.

  3. MarkEvinger says:

    non-power users don’t know what they are missing John! Having to remember to hold down one more key is *much* harder than mousing to Start|Programs|Accessories|Calc and mousing in all the numbers…. 😐

  4. K Evans says:

    Just buy a keyboard that has a built in calculator button. I just reach up….. push the button.. and WALA! Instant Calculator!