Just a reminder for the regulars and an announcement to the new readers…you can download the FREE toolbar by clicking the link near the upper left corner of this site.

The toolbar is a plugin for your web browser and aggregates RSS feeds, info from various civil3d-related websites and provides a civil3d-specific web search tool. Almost 500 people have downloaded it and are using it already.

If you are one of the users, please give me some feedback on what would make it even better. Thanks.



  1. C. Wallis says:

    it is absolutly the best thing …since sliced bread…& we all know & love sliced bread. – ok seriously – i hit it everyday to go to different links/sites & to check email – its a good thing..thanks guys!

  2. thanks for the feedback. any suggestions to make it even better?

  3. C. Wallis says:

    Hey Mark – how bout a link to ;-D

    sorry – i cant think of anything else – i’m surprised that ONLY 500 people have loaded it…

  4. JoshNelson says:

    The google search using the toolbar takes twice as long as the google toolbar. I only use your google search box when I want to limit it to civil3d sites.

  5. Steve Tobler says:

    can you still download the toolbar?

  6. Jeff Mishler says:

    Yeah, where’d the download link go? I have gotten quite used to having this, but due to a recent HDD format I need to re-install it.

  7. Jeff Mishler says:

    Thanks Mark!

  8. Rick Jackson says:

    Does the Toolbar work with Firefox 3