CE News on 3D Modeling

In the latest issue of CE News, Autodesk sponsored a survey and article about the current usage of 3D modeling applications for civil engineers (read: Civil 3D). There are some interesting results. Follow the link after the jump.

In addition to the full survey results and an excellent write-up by Editorial Director, Shanon Fauerbach, PE, there is also a short sidebar by, Marc Meyers, VP with Engineered Efficiency, Inc. on what is involved in an implementation beyond just training.

Read it all here: http://www.cenews.com/article.asp?id=2476




  1. jrizzo says:

    Wow, that IS interesting. I knew that the industry was still struggling to leverage 3D technology, but I didn’t realize how much we (Civil 3D geeks) are in the minority. We’ve been doing 3D grading at Langan for more than 20 years, going all the way back to programs like MOSS. It’s really shocking to me that most firms are still asking “why” and “how”.

  2. John Lowe says:

    yeah I read this the other day, it is pretty neat.
    I think if the trend continues where “CAD Managers” are really just IT / database guys (like me) that know how to get around in Civil 3D and customize it, you will see the pace of change pick up significantly.

  3. It really addresses the heart of one of the cultural divides in the Civil industry.
    Some feel the “end product” of the firm is the plan set.
    Some feel it is the design of the project.
    I think the use of the product is in the sweet spot of those who value the project as designed and not the plan set crowd. Not that the product can’t produce great plan sets but it is the difference in approach.
    I’ve always likened the plan set to a recipe. It’s only the directions. The real value comes from the cookie not the recipe.
    Personally, in the hands of the right people, I think C3D makes a better cookie.