Where’s My Feature Line Glyph?

Well things are getting back to normal around here.  Since they published that information that Baby Mozart is bad for baby’s language development, I discovered that I could put Prospector in front of archived Friday Webcasts and AU Online recorded Screencasts and get in an hour or so of work.  So expect to hear from me more and more over the next few weeks…

This question came up today and though I can’t take credit for solving it, I thought it was worth noting. I had no idea….

When editing a feature line you expect to see a PI glyph (little green triangle) at the vertex locations. But what if it disappears?


Apparently these little markers are linked to the current layer.  Make sure your current layer is turned on, and they will reappear.  It doesn’t seem to affect pipe glyphs, but for other object types it would be worth checking if things disappear on you.


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