This Makes It All Better

Yes, I know that yesterday’s post was a bit cryptic. And thanks for the IM early this morning from Nick reminding me of that. I was awaiting further instructions and working on something else, so it slipped my mind a bit. Those little stick-it notes on my Windows Sidebar help my memory, though.

So what makes the missing functions in Carlson Connect better? What have surveyors been pining about for quite a while? What is this magical mystery solution? Follow the link to find out.

Here it is:

Yes, you’ve asked for it, it’s finally here. All Civil 3D users who are currently on subscription can download TDS Survey Link from the subscription center. Since my subscription center login is screwy, I had one of our guys download it for me, so I can only say that I hear that there’s an install document with it. This is needed information, because you will have to figure out how to invoke the damn program (it was a long night last night….)

Here’s a hint – STARTSURVEYLINK from the command line does it. Add that command to the Survey menu and you’re in business.

Why do I love it so much? Choices, my friend, Choices….

So go out and download, and have fun with it!


  1. JasonSchmidt says:

    Just curious….the TDS Survey Link is no where to be found when I login into the subscription center…It is definitely on in the Subscription Center…is there a specific location? Just curious…

  2. Jon Bokic says:

    At the bottom of the screen after you login is Product Information & Downloads, the Survey Extension Link is at the top of the list.