Mastering Errata 2008

Update: We’ve added an errata page right on the front of Please take a look if you think you’ve found one of our well crafted, intentional tests that are checking to see if you’re reading closely. Yeah, that’s it, they’re INTENTIONAL mistakes to test you!

OK, so maybe not, but check there first, please. –JW

We’re human, we make mistakes, it happens. We’re starting to see the first of the errata reports for the Mastering Civil 3D text. Eight-hundred, forty pages, over 300 exercises, over 200 sample drawings, there are bound to be some mistakes.

Please, tell us if you find something that doesn’t make sense. You can also check Wiley’s page for errata as they log them.

For now, be aware that the Aerial Contours.dwg file in Chapter 5 is missing the Aerial Contours surface style. We’ll make a new drawing available as soon as we can. We’re happy to fix things, especially if you manage to tell us we screwed up without being a jerk!


  1. Kelly Boyd says:

    Personally, I’d be more worried if you DIDN’T make any mistakes! As you stated yourself, you’re human and none of us are perfect (well, maybe Dana’s close!). Plus my wife is always ‘gently reminding’ me of when I screw up, however seldom that may be!

    But in general, your team’s hit a home run with this thing and I’m having trouble keeping track of the four (4) copies I purchased for our office. Guess that means I’m gonna need to buy more! Keep up the good work and I hope to talk with you at AU.

    Kelly B.

  2. davelg says:

    page 168 The file Surface Spot Labeling.dwg is missing from the disc.