Get Your Learn On Part Deux

James and Mark aren’t the only ones teaching at AUGI CAD Camps this fall – come and join me at the Birmingham, Alabama AUGI CAD Camp on November 8th, 2007.   Registration is live now!   Yours truly will be presenting three classes:

  • Essentials of Styles in Civil 3D – In Civil 3D, styles are like wheels on a car – without them, you’re not going anywhere! In AutoCAD Civil 3D, standardization can be achieved by using styles. This class addresses the development of Civil 3D styles to suit the needs of your organization. You will learn how to develop, integrate and manage all Civil 3D styles for use in data display and data storage. We’ll also look at some of the powerful visualization effects of styles. So if you’re using Civil 3D or AutoCAD Land Desktop, or would simply like to learn the next generation of software for civil engineering, attend this session!
  • Introduction to the Corridor Model and Its Elements – Three of the most common, most important, yet most difficult features of a subdivision to model are knuckles, intersections, and cul-de-sacs. Using the proper tools, Civil 3D makes roadway modeling a breeze! Learn the basics of modeling a single corridor object with these complex features and you’ll learn to harness the power of Civil 3D to make even the most intimidating design tasks a breeze!
  • From Dirt to Doors – Making AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 and Revit Architecture Work Together in Harmony – Let’s face it, sites need buildings and buildings just don’t hover in space. Architects design buildings and engineers design the sites, but until, now the two industries have been somewhat alienated from each other. This session will show how the two can truly work in harmony and utilize data that they never could before. We’ll cover how to link and xref Revit models with Civil sites, and even show how Google Earth can be used to publish the total design. Join us to see exactly how Civil 3D and Revit Architecture can be used to create the ultimate 3D site model!  (note: this is a preview for my AU class, and will be presented along with Mike Massey, ALACAD’s Vice President of Building Solutions.)

Along with my Civil Classes, James Murphy will be leaving his audiences in awe of the incredible things that Civil 3D users can do with Geospatial data.

So come and get your learn on, and if you mention this article, you may just win a prize!   See you there!

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