Licensing & Case Law

In my opinion, it’s taken too long for someone to challenge the little gem of a EULA Autodesk operates under. Read more here.

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  1. mike shick says:

    I concur. I absolutely hate the way EULA’s are written, and maybe even more so, software authorization. Obviously, I do not write or sell software. I realize software companies need to protect their interests. And yes, there are a lot of people out there willing to take something for nothing.

    In my opionion, however, most people that will set out to steal software can still do so easily. There are numbers of ways people can download cracks, serial numbers, and the like to enable unauthorized software. My opion is that most software authorization just inconveniences those that would have paid for the software anyway. In my particualr situation, I find myself formating my computers up to a couple of times per year. This means my home computer, laptop, and work computer. When I do this, I end up having to call several different vendors because my activation will not work automatically. The way I feel about it, it I paid a large sum for the “right” to use the software. I should be entitled to put that software on as many machines as many times as I want to if I am the only person using it at any time. I am not purporting one license should be sufficient for multiple simultaneous uses and/or users.