Come See Me in Atlanta

Next Tuesday (September 18, 2007) I will be attending the Autodesk Experience the Possibilities tour event in Atlanta, Georgia.   I will be the tall guy sitting in the back of the room – come by and say Hi.    Registration is free, breakfast is provided (what would an Autodesk event be without copious amounts of coffee?) and there will be some good information to be gained here.  

If you’re planning on attending and will be in the area the night before, let me know via email (first name dot last name at this domain) and we can get together for a chat, and maybe even a drink.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Nick Zeeben says:

    You are not a tall guy.

  2. MarkEvinger says:

    Right, *I’m* the tall guy in this C3D group 🙂

  3. Jason Hickey says:

    look smart@$$es….it looked much better than typing “the fat creepy geek lurking in the back of the room…”

    6’2″ tall isn’t dwarf-quality by a long shot 😉