Come Get Your Learn On!

Throughout September & October, Mark and I are hitting the road. I’m dropping in on a LUG next week, then we’re teaming up with great instructors like Heidi Hewitt, Lynn Allen, and Matt Murphy to teach some classes at the circus that is the AUGI Cad Camp. Check out dates after the jump!

September 18th, Mark will be at Cad Camp St. Louis.

September 19th, I will be at the North Pac Cad Consortium meeting. Angel Espinoza is presenting, but I’ll be in the area, so I’ll be coming to learn some too. Contact David Pesavento  at Morton & Pitalo to learn more about this great West Coast group.

September 25th, I will be at Cad Camp Indianapolis.

September 27th, Mark will be at Cad Camp Tulsa.

October 9th, I will be at Cad Camp St. Paul.

October 11th, I will be crashing Cad Camp Dallas (No, I’m not teaching in my hometown, don’t ask.)

October 16th, I will be at Cad Camp Baltimore.

October 23rd, I will be at Cad Camp Boston.

October 25th, I will be at Cad Camp Detroit.

November 6th, I will be at Cad Camp Vancouver.

In Boston, St. Paul and Vancouver, I’ll be in town the day before. If you’re a local, and up for playing tour guide, drop a comment here. I love seeing the local stuff, and avoiding the chain restaurants.

Hope we see you at Cad Camp!

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  1. rlekberg says:

    Although I know that this comment is more of a question and not directed to this posting, but I have been looking everywhere for an answer on the following question:

    When working in Civil 3D with an alignment or even just a surface, when I let my mouse sit for a second or two, a little window pops up next to the courser that displays station, offset, elevation, etc. Is there anyway to turn this object off? I look at it as a something that slows my PC down and causes crashes and for me, absolutely unnecessary.

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to ask this, but I have been looking all over and have found nothing that addresses this issue.