Nifty Vault Tool from the Freese and Nichols Team

Posted earlier today on the Vault discussion group was a nifty tool from Freese and Nichols that will copy users from Active Directory to Vault. In an office with 10 people, it’s not a big deal, but when setting up a larger firm, adding users to Vault can be a major pain in the neck. Check it out after the jump.

When you launch the application for the first time, it recognizes that it needs some settings.  The first option is the AD Server setup as shown here.


Once you enter an option for the DC and the OU, you can get into what group members actually get imported. Genius as you don’t need the entire Structural Engineering department to be integrated in Vault probably. The other option is to import all users. For the small firms, this would be the quick and dirty solution.


The next step is to select a Vault Server. The settings here are fairly obvious, but it’s cool to see that you can change roles and permissions based on the current AD and overwrite existing stuff.

Finally, you can select the roles that your users will be given.


Users are copied over with their password set to the same as their username. I’m not sitting on a full domain here at home, so I have nothing to sync, but you can see the application window here. I’ve connected to my Vault server, and would simply click Sync to push users in.


Overall, a very cool little app that should make any number of Vault admins happy. You can download it here. Thanks to Kevin Garpne and Freese for sharing with the community.


  1. Jason Ellis says:

    Anyone have any luck with this? I can see the users in AD through the interface but when I hit Synch nothing happens… This would be sweet if I could get it to work. Four offices and four vaults makes for lots of user management.

  2. They posted an update just a few days ago, maybe you can grab the new one?

  3. Jason Ellis says:

    Picked up the new one – still no dice… I didn’t see info regarding this program in their forums, are they communication with you directly or is there an avenue for more info on this?


  4. I’ll drop a mail to the author and see what I can find out.

  5. jrizzo says:

    Great idea for a new program. I would be careful adding tons of users, though, simply because ADMS will not let you delete users.

  6. kgarpne says:

    Unfortunately I did a lot of testing with ADMS version 5, and when I moved to ADMS 2008, I just verified that the program ran. I had to add a few users last week, and it didn’t work for me either. I’ve fixed it now. You can get the new version from If you have any problems, I added a forum for the utility. You can post any problems or suggestions for enhancements there.

    Kevin Garpne
    Freese and Nichols, Inc.