Large Surfaces Data Sets Webcast with Dana this Friday 8/17

The rumors are true… I think every living soul in Manchester is on vacation, so I get to be the voice behind the weekly Civil 3D Webcast. 

The topic is: Large Data Sets this Friday, 8/17/2007 at 12NOON Eastern time.

From the official description:

Ideas and Techniques for Managing Large Surface Data Sets. Presenter Dana Breig Probert, EIT, Implementation Consultant, Engineered Efficiency, will explore building manageable surfaces from aerial topography information, LIDAR and other data.

I plan on showing some ways to manage those monster point files, contour files and other seemingly impossibly large data sets and turn them into reasonable surfaces that will work in Civil 3D. 

The presentation will be approximately 50 minutes long and I am hoping to stir up some good discussion, questions and feedback that I can use to enhance and expand the presentation for my AU class.

Don’t forget to register!  It’s free and all you need is a high speed Internet connection and either speakers or a phone for the audio.

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  1. Txus says:

    Hi Dana, I will attend (live) a webcast for the first time. I’m a fan of you and since very long. I hope I don’t have any problem to log in.
    Kind Regards from spain

  2. mbcastle says:


    I logged in to your webcast today and just wanted to let you know that I thought you did an excellent job. I view the webcasts pretty much every week and I thought yours was very informative and a productive use of my time. Can’t wait for your next one!

    -Mark Castle

  3. Terry says:

    Hi Dana,
    Viewed your webcast today from the Adesk Website. It’s one of the best I’ve seen so far! Keep up the Good Work!
    Terry Nolan
    HDR Inc.