Feeling Funky

So, I’m having lunch with Peter Funk today to discuss a number of things, but we’ve set aside some time to chat about all things Autodesk and Civil 3D related…on the record. I’ll be recording an interview with Peter to be broadcast here later in the week. So, what would you ask him? I’ve already got some questions written down, but post yours too. The best three or four will go direct to the man, and we’ll be sure to thank you. Any question is fair game, some just won’t get answered. Post your questions in the comments.


  1. ShawnC says:

    My question is:

    We’re always testing new versions of C3D while AUtoCAD is still in Beta so you guys must be working with Beta code as well. Is it difficult? Is there a lot of discussion between you guys and California during this testing phase as well?


  2. Daryl Standrich says:

    My question is:

    I have created several line labels for Plan/Profile. One is for right of way and the other is to label the offset of temporary easements. If the reference text references “stationing” then there is an option to “drop decimal for whole numbers” but if I use the refence text for “offset” I only have the option to set the precision. Why is there not the same “drop decimal for whole number elsewhere besides stationing?


  3. Daryl Standrich says:

    My question is:

    In the “Text Component Editor” when I type a fraction (Ex: SW 1/4 Sec. 10) and the box pops up to “stack” the dimension, and the box is checked to remove the leading space, does it NOT remove the leading space?



  4. Daryl,
    I’m goign to try and avoid pure technical questions. These can be posted to the newsgroups anytime. I’m looking at more essay type questions, things Peter might not have the time or energy to type a reply to, but after a couple of drinks….

  5. JoshNelson says:

    When will Land Desktop be gone forever….?

  6. Will hotfixes ever be used to quickly fix found bugs or do we always have to wait for the SP?

    Which .NET programming language is best?

  7. stachoni says:

    Is he really Anthony Edwards’ long lost twin brother?

  8. Whatever my question is, it will be prefaced with “What were you guys thinking…”
    And good call Matt, Has anyone ever seen Anthoney Edwards and P Funk at the same time?

  9. How about “In regards to missing functionality, will H+H and the rest of the Survey module be addressed?”
    Can Vault be improved along the lines some have proposed or is it beyond your group’s scope to adjust the product toward the needs of the Civil world?

  10. John M. says:

    I have seen a few requests to reduce the number of mouse clicks that some common tasks require (assign corridor target profile, edit label styles.

    We have the Prospector (which cannot save a users diplay preferences), the Toolspace (which get’s a bit picky with a few right-click options, deleting objects is particulary picky with dependencies)and quite a few commands/dialog boxes that do not save the users last input.

    Are any improvements planned for the UI and/or program navigation?

  11. ” Are the new Office 2007 formats supported by C3D SP1?”