Da Govna Returns…

All you lost souls, wandering aimlessly looking for direction after Anthony announced he would no longer be blogging on the Autodesk Civil community blog can once again rejoice. Da Govna just sent me a link to his first posting on his new blog.  The intro to that post and a link to his new home, after the jump.

August 27, 2007

From the ashes, we rise anew

Like the Phoenix being reborn from the ashes of it’s fiery end, Da Govna has returned to the public eye, different, yet still the same at the core. Although my career has changed direction, and thus my life, world, and reality has changed with it, it is time again for my public face to be seen and known. To this end, I’ve started anew…

See the rest here http://ultra-value.blogspot.com/


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