Well, THAT Figures

What is a figure?   You might think it’s linework created by a FBK file in a Civil 3D survey database.   You’d be correct if this was what you thought.    You might think that it’s impossible to edit (it seems as if some people do.)   You would be incorrect if this is what you thought, however.    It’s not that much of a deal to edit them, and even easier in Civil 3D 2008.    Follow the link to find out more…

So I was involved in a discussion yesterday about how bad the survey database is because “other programs provide a comprehensive way of editing the linework.”    Ahhh, the proverbial “other programs” argument again.    I had a quick, yet well thought reply, and had a  presentation to get to before I could hear the results of my reply.   On the way home yesterday, I received an email from Peter Funk who reminded me that there is a tool that might be underutilized by surveyors in editing the survey figure.   What tool is this?   It’s not just a tool, it’s an entire toolBAR!   What is this elusive toolbar?    It’s the Edit Feature Lines toolbar.    Yes, that’s correct – as Peter pointed out to me in a few quick back and forth emails, survey figures are nothing but feature lines with a little “something something” (direct quote from Peter there) added in to make them survey figures.   

Want to add points that were forgotten by the field crew?   Add a PVI!   Survey crew screw up a shot?   Delete a PVI!    Need a curve and the survey crew didn’t specify any curve info in the fieldbook?   Fillet a curve, modify the PVI’s, you’re ready to roll, or take it a step further and fit the feature line.    Want to trim or break a figure?   That edit is there too.  

Feel a little less hampered now?   Thanks Peter, for pointing this out – it’s one of those things that I feel that I knew, it just didn’t stick with me for some reason.

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  1. johnbeatle says:

    This is good to know. I’ve been trying to set up some tempaltes for our survey department and the figures have been driving me nuts. We are using 2008 and here is an example…
    We import the field book and all seems well, but some figures come in on the correct layer and most stuff comes in on layer 0. I have checked the prefix database and the styles and everything seems to be ok. The thing that is confusing is that some of our “EP” figures come in on the correct layer, but then other “EP”s from the same drawing come in on 0. Any thoughts on that? I am almost out of ideas with it.