Masking Plan Profile Sheets – an update

I’m glad to see comments on my previous two posts this week – all providing alternative solutions to the issue reported…that’s what I love to see, one more way to skin this Civil 3D cat.   Thanks for the feedback, people.

I’ve got an update the masking issue. I was working with Dwayne Creech of Volkert & Associates in Raleigh, NC on this issue, and told him what I’d found. He replied that he had a workaround, and I told him I’d share it with my readers. Follow the link to see Dwayne’s workaround.

Dwayne has found something that I more or less suspected, just never bothered to test – if you create your own viewport in the xreferenced drawings, the matchline hatch just doesn’t show up. What’s more, any viewport created in those layouts retain the UCS rotation that was in the previous viewport. Now, I would personally just go back into the original drawing and turn off the hatch component of the matchline style, but that would take it out of every single layout. Maybe you want to see just one sheet without the hatch, creating your own viewport is the simple way to do it.  

After discussing the issue for a few minutes, I found that we share the same views on the UCS rotation vs. dview twist issue. I’m not going to dive into that one tonight, but it was nice to talk to a kindred spirit for a few minutes.

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