UPDATE: Civil3d.com Toolbar now available

Wow. In the 2 days before July 4th, nearly 100 people downloaded the new civil3d.com toolbar.  You can download it by clicking the link at the very bottom of the column at right. 

In our ongoing efforts to get you information about all things related to Civil 3D, we’ve created a civil3d.com toolbar for IE and FireFox. You probably didn’t notice it, but at the very bottom of the column at the right, there is a link for downloading the toolbar.

Version 1 of our toolbar lets you search either the civil3d.com website or several other sites dedicated to civil 3d directly from your web browser. Results are displayed in a Google-like results page. Additionally, we have added some buttons for website links, RSS feeds, messages from the civil3d.com team, and a live chat feature for talking with other civil3d.com readers and bloggers that are online the same time you are.  See the download link after the jump.

You can download the link by clicking here or using the link at the bottom of the column at right.

Please download and give us your feedback.



  1. JoshNelson says:

    Any chance you can list what websites you search for in “All Civil 3d Sites”? Thanks.

  2. Jeff Mishler says:

    I give up….how do you change the city whose weather is displayed? The Options say “Shows the current local weather all over the world” yet mine is always showing San Jose, CA


  3. JoshNelson says:

    I just noticed something really nifty about the toolbar. If you highlight any text on a webpage it automatically adds that text the search box (at least in Internet Explorer 7.0 it does).

  4. This is indeed is nifty. and for those of you who don’t like this feature you can turn it off by going to ToolBar Options > Additional Settings > and unchecking “Enable select to search box”

  5. To change the location for the Weather button, click the weather button, click change location, choose, click Select a country or city name and enter your zip code. Click ok, and you should now have your local temp.

  6. Scott M. Olson, P.E. says:

    How do you add RSS feeds to the “C3D Feeds” button?