Carlson Connect Update

Today in Mark’s webcast, I saw a question asked regarding a potential release date for Carlson Connect for Civil 3D 2008.   I spoke with my contact at Carlson, and they don’t have a firm date in mind yet.   Right now, they have other projects on their drawing board (no pun intended.)

It’s not good news per se for the Civil 3D users, but in their defense, remember something pretty important:  Carlson makes no money from Carlson Connect.   They do, however, make money from other projects.   As I’ve stated before – your engineering firms typically take care of paying jobs before pro bono work, right?   So can you fault them?  No.

Stay tuned.   As soon as it’s released, expect to see the announcement here.

One comment

  1. johnbeatle says:

    Yes, but isn’t there a plugin for 2007?
    For our firm, this should work out ok as we will have both on each machine for a while.
    Thanks for the news, I was just looking around for this not too long ago.