Yes, it’s changing again

We’re changing the site again. We’ve had some great requests for added features, and I’d like to make them available, so here we are. There are some things that are still VERY much in flux, so give us a few days to sort it all out.



  1. mpowelljr says:

    Looks good so far.

  2. governa says:

    I like the new look a lot! I only wish I had the ability to make similar changes to my blog! It’s nice and modern, and easy to read with the color scheme. Nice work.


  3. jrizzo says:

    Ooooh, pretty – how very Web 2.0!

  4. Navigation is a little clunky.
    But that could be my learning curve, which we all know is steep.
    Coolness is pretty good.
    A lot depends on how the chat feature is used.
    I know the conflict between giving it away and selling it but maybe a regularly scheduled ask the experts hour could be a real feature.
    And a spell-checker of course.