Spare Change for a Scale Change

If you’ve spent any time at all using Civil 3D, you’ll know that you need to change the model space scale of things from time to time.  This can be done in the “Edit Drawing Settings”…but it can also be done elsewhere, read on.

Edit Drawing Settings method


Civil 3D 2008 method.


AutoCAD 2008 has this cool new annotative objects feature.  The image above shows how to change the annotation scale.

Lucy Kuhns used this feature during the “ETP” tour recently and I was thrilled.

Well, this setting is very nicely tied into the Civil 3D scale setting.  changing the AutoCAD annotation scale also changes the Civil 3D scale at the same time.  No more editing drawing settings and blah blah blah.

This is one of those subtle, but incredibly useful tools that keeps surprising me in Civil 3D 2008.

Matt kolberg

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