R.O.W.s Revisited

I know what you’re thinking, “Hey another article from that dude Matt. I wonder where he’s been?” Well, I’ve been busy jet setting around the world. What with the trekking in Machu Picchu, the summit attempt on Everest, and that rash they haven’t been able to figure out yet, I just haven’t had the time to write.

If you believe that I’ll sell you my VBA routine that removes all the bugs from every application out there.

A while back I wrote a piece about placing R.O.W. lines in your cross sections. It worked well…there?s an easier way now. No assembly edits, no code set styles. Woohoo!

It’s all about profile grade lines. Sure we could so this in 2007, but only one section at a time. It didn’t take very many projects for me to figure out that this was not a solution I was willing to use.

The toughest thing you need to do is create a block of what you want to appear in the cross section and make a Marker style that includes that block. Let’s use this block:

And this marker style:

You still need to create a R.O.W. alignment and sample a surface like the other method, so you’re not saving time with this step. Once you have those, create your sample lines like usual. Then import your section views. Except just after you’re finished, right click one of your section views and pick “Section View Group Properties.” Then pick the ellipsis in the Profile Grade column.

Add your ROW alignments and their profiles.

And voila! You’ll see some green lines in the image below under the ROW lines. You can choose to keep these or not. They are part of the section view style. In fact, you don’t even need to create the block and marker style if it’s just these lines you want to see.

Well, that’s it. I hope you can put this to good use. See you next time on. Eventually.


  1. Alejandro Villasuso says:

    This was great. It worked just like you said. However, this block of ‘ROW’ is not showing up on my viewport. I tried thawing and turning on everything and still nothing. I can see the wording in model but not the viewport layout. Please help.


  2. Matt Kolberg says:

    Could be that a layer is frozen in the viewport? Can you make the drawing as small as possible and send it to me? I will take a look.

    mattk at gcscorp dot ca

  3. Tim Buss says:

    I have tried this but my block shows up at 0,0. I remember I tried this a while ago to see if it works, and at that time it did work got the green line. Now no green line and the block shows up at 0,0

  4. Daryl Standrich says:

    I was using the old way (with a link) and omitting it so it would not draw to place a label style that labeled R/W and added the offset distance. Is this still possible with this new way? My problem with the old way is that I get an error in the events box for every offset and elevation not found. That is 4 errors for each section. Makes looking for real errors a little confusing.

  5. Matt Kolberg says:

    I don’t believe there is a way to add an offset distance this way. Only a marker style.


  7. Matt Kolberg says:

    Now that’s the kind of feedback I like 🙂

    Thanks for the comment.