BOOK CHANGES: Free Intersection Design Class

YOU MUST ORDER YOUR OWN BOOK: CLICK HERE TO GO TO AUTODESK SITE TO PLACE ORDER. DO SO SOON, SO YOU ARE ENSURED ON-TIME DELIVERY. Due to shipping/ordering restrictions, we cannot directly order enough books for everyone who has responded. Therefore, please order your book directly from the link above. Sorry for any confusion.

Please note the date has changed to June 25.
If you already sent an email, there is no need to resend.

Are you interested in getting FREE training on Civil 3D?
If so, please read more…

On June 25, Engineered Efficiency will present a full day of training for FREE.
The class will cover the Designing Intersections and Cul-de-Sacs 2008 book and will be a full day of hands on training.
Here are the details:

1. This class will be presented online. Login information will be emailed to attendees.
2. Date and Time: June 25, 2007 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CDT. Breaks mid-morning, lunch, and mid afternoon.
3. All end users are invited, but space is limited, so first come first served. Note: since space is limited, we ask that resellers and other trainers please not respond so that there is enough space for the end users.
4. You must have dual monitors or a 22″ monitor. You need to be able to see the presentation on one screen and do the hands-on exercises on the other. Alternate solutions would be if you have a projector, you could watch the presentation on the projector and work the hand-on exercises on your workstation.
5. You must have a copy of Designing Intersections and Cul-de-sacs. You need this so you have the Data Sets. We will provide a FREE copy to the first 5 people to sign up. The rest of the attendees can purchase the book online at Autodesk’s website.
6. After the FREE training, you will be asked to complete a very short survey about the learning experience.
7. The class will be presented using Civil 3D 2008 and the data sets are for 2008.

If you’re interested and meet the requirements listed above, email me at Please include the following information:

Full Name
email address
Company Name
Company City and State
Company Phone Number

Looking forward to having you join us!


  1. JohnCobb says:

    Do I understand that Civil 3D 2008 is required to take this course? We have one license (not loaded, yet), but the users who will participate only have 2007. The solution seems obvious (get out my wallet), but corporate has not yet authorized 2008, so I wonder if the 2008 data sets and functionality of 2007 are compatible.
    John Cobb, LA

  2. Yes, 2008 is required.
    The data that comes with the book will not work in 2007.

    Just for the record (and I think you may have been joking), in NO WAY is the intent of this session to force people to upgrade.

  3. ShawnC says:

    Should we get a confirmation back saying that we have been signed up the class or not?