Entering Deeds Into Revit

Yeah, you read it right.    I’m amazed myself.

Architects have a better way of entering deeds into a drawing than we do in Civil 3D. I would have never guessed.    Proof after the jump:


Part of me wonders why we can’t have this in Civil 3D…

Now, if I can just get my house to export as something other than a polyface mesh.

What’s worse, I don’t have any good tags to assign to this post.

Speaking of deeds, I’m working on a review of QLegal from budcad.com -stay tuned for more to come.   Hotel time is great for writing…


  1. MAnderson says:

    Jason –

    This is a big draw back for us. We do a lot of deed entering in Land Desktop today. To get my best survey draftsman to Civil 3d, I need to enter “unclosed” deeds that calculate parcel closure errors. The fieldbook is too difficult to manipulate.

    I hope this comes soon. Maybe someone in Manchester can post this as a tool on the Community Site.


  2. rgraham says:

    That would be an AWESOME add-on! It would make life a bit easier here. And the font color in the reply is horrible! 🙂