civil 3d in a war zone

Jeep071No, a real war zone. My brother Jeep (it’s a long story) is in Iraq as the Commander of the 15th Detachment of the 732nd Expeditionary Civil Engineering Squadron at Balad Airbase. As we exchange email, I was surprised to find these guys are running Civil 3D 2007, along with Map and ARCView in carrying out their mission. These guys are handling everything from working with the Corps of Engineers on larger projects to sidewalks and maintenance pads to building upkeep.

No matter how bad the office infighting gets, at least you never have to put on this kind of outfit to go to a CAD Standards Committee meeting. Might help some days though.


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  1. ChristopherF says:

    You should ask him if the Army’s Engineer Research and Development Center has released the new PCASE software yet. Some of the ideas they are putting in it are extremely helpful in combining Airfield field data and giving a visual representation of what it looks like.

    They went over some of the things they where planning in a PCASE class I went to about a year ago.