Another FREE training session and FREE give-aways?!

We’ve had an overwhelming response to the offer for the free intersection class I posted a few days ago. We’re going to try to accommodate everyone who responded. To do so, we need to run some tests on our systems. Therefore, we are offering a short, 1-hour FREE training session on June 11, 2006. Details after the jump.

When: 12:00 pm CDT June 11, 2007
What: We’ll be teaching basics of the new C3D 2008 Plan Production feature.
What else: We’re really testing our systems in the run-up to the real class later in the month.

The requirements are the same as those for the real class.
1. You must have either 2 monitors or a 22″ monitor so you can watch the presentation and work the examples simultaneously.
2. You must have C3D 2008
3. You must be willing to answer a short survey at the end.

As a thanks for your participation, at the end of the class, we’ll give away some free training books.

IMPORTANT: If you plan on attending the real class on June 25, PLEASE attend this session. This will let you test your systems too.

To sign up, please register online here.



  1. I’m a sucker for free stuff.
    You got to fix the font color on this.

  2. rgraham says:

    I’ll be there but I might be late as I have a 10:00EDT meeting. I hope it doesn’t go that long.

    And postlewait’s correcrt, the font color on the reply is ‘el stinko’