That Was Fun….

We finished up the 30 Posts in 30 Days marathon with an average well over one a day. We posted 47 posts last month, blowing away any sort of records for us. My personal thanks to the entire squad, and to all of you that visited. And a heartfelt welcome to all the new folks.

Here in the next few months, we’ll continue to make changes. I expect a new layout to be in place, a chat room for a simulcast of the Friday webcast where we offer our own take, and some more surveys and contests. We hope you’ll register and come back often.The Barn

Just to save Dan the hassle, here’s a picture of the famous post and beam modeled barn that’s always showing up on demos from Manchester these days.

Considering all the work done in modeling and construction, this thing is pretty freaking cool. And it looks just like the model on the inside. Not bad work for a dirt guy!

One comment

  1. T_Bernhard says:

    Kudos to the team! It’s been a fascinating month, especially with 2008 being released, and the regular posts were great. I know it’s a lot of work for you guys, but personally I enjoyed it so much that I’d LOVE TO SEE IT AGAIN! And again… and again… and… well, as often as possible without any of you crossing the Burnout Barrier. 🙂

    Looking forward to the changes, looking forward to more posts. Thanks!