LDT 2008

UpgradeIn spite of never installing LDT 2007, I am still on the mailing list and we do get the updates. Mine arrived today via UPS. I couldn’t wait to share!

You know, there’s a reason the LDT2008 product was code named Dusk. I’m not saying I know anymore than you do, but I hope the LDT diehards are seeing the writing on the wall. If you haven’t started looking at C3D, you might be looking for a Sharpie to fix all those business cards in a few years.


  1. Too funny!

    LDT (and SDSK) put food on my table for many years, when I used it in production and when I consulted on it.

    It certainly had a good run and now its been surpassed by a better tool. The king is dead (or nearly). Long live the king.

  2. ChristopherF says:

    At least some of the LDT users will get their wish of no more changes.