LDT 2008 Part Deux

To piggyback on something James said, and to set the record straight for quite a few VERY disgruntled LDT users today…

If you have LDT, Civil Design, and Survey on subscription, you will ONLY receive LDT 2008 in the mail.    Civil Design and Survey are no longer subscription items.   The only way you can receive those two programs is to upgrade your LDT license to Civil 3D.   Then, your package will come with 2 DVD’s – one for C3D, and one for LDT, Civil Design Companion, and Survey companion (yes, they’re all on the same DVD now.)

If this makes you unhappy, call your reseller.   There are some incredible prices and incentives for upgrading your license to Civil 3D (I’m not quoting pricing here, but it’s pretty close to what you pay for subscription)  

As James said, see the writing on the wall.   Get on the bus while it’s still at the station, because it’s going to cost to get you on board later in the journey.

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