Get a Plan Readable "S"

I had a question today from a client about getting the “S” in their manhole block to be plan readable/rotate with view. 

He thought this might make life easier when manholes show up in multiple viewports at different rotations.  An “S” in the structure style block doesn’t want to flip around. (Although I haven’t tried annotative stuff in 2008 for it yet- we’re working in 2007 in this office for now.)

This is a solution I came up with- let me know if you have other ideas!

Make an “S” only structure label that inserts at the center of structure object that is view oriented.  Make this your default label style for your pipe network.  It cannot be part of your “regular” structure label because of dragged state.

Make a “none” pipe label that has no components, so that once your network is created, you can label all of the manholes with the more complete label style without duplicating pipe labels. 


Double labeling always adds an extra step

If you have a lot of non-manholes in your network, you’ll have to either erase the labels or remember to toggle the default label when you are laying in those other structures.

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