Final Civil 3D Class Agendas for Philly CAD Matinee

I’ve turned in my papers and finalized my agendas for the AUGI CAD Matinee, so this is the last time you’ll hear from me on the subject until May 17!


Radisson Plaza – Warwick Hotel
1701 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

May 17, 2007

8AM- 1PM includes Keynote Presentation and your choice of classes

Cost :$89 for non AUGI members, $79 for AUGI members (AUGI membership is free)

Here is a detailed breakdown of my agendas (click more to read on):

A Subdivision from Boundary to Plat with Civil 3D 2008

This class is focused on Parcel creation and labeling, but takes a step back and reminds you to integrate the “big picture” into your parcel workflow.  This class will also serve as a good overview to Civil 3D for those who have never seen it before.

1) Create Boundary Parcel and Import Relavent GIS and Google Earth Data to assist in decision making.

Import A Surface and Image from Google Earth

Import and theme freely available Pennsylvania GIS data into Civil 3D using both Map Import and SDF for municipal boundaries, flood zones, local roads, and more.

2) Iterate Alignment layout.

Conceptual (that can quickly become final) Road design using alignments, profiles, assemblies and corridors including preliminary cut-fill calculation numbers.

3) Creating ROW parcels and Individual Lots

Site topology and site best practices, parcel rules and a parcel toolkit

Techniques including how to work with setbacks, cul de sacs, curved roads and tricky pieces.

4) Editing your parcels without losing your mind

5) Label, tag and table your plan

Area labels, segment labels, and the occasionally mind bending spanning label.

Using Civil 3D 2008 for Stormwater Management Tasks

1) Create a surface from aerial topographic data

Includes techniques for weeding data and managing large datasets

2) Surface Analysis

Elevation analysis, water drops, quick profiles and more

3) Surface Visualization

Simple things you can do to help your clients (and yourself) understand what is going on with your site.

4) Labeling TC paths

Surface labels, alignments and profiles assist with this often tedious chore.

5) Techniques for subcatchment, cover and quality analysis

Parcels, polylines and other options for interactive area labeling and study.

6) Pipe Network Design

Rules, styles, expressions and best practices to make pipe design and pipe labeling work for you.

7) Create a Pipe Trench Corridor

Use your pipe network and a trenching assembly to build a pipe trench surface for earthwork analysis and safety planning.

Both classes include a 30+ page paper and a question and answer session.  I hope to meet you there!!!

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