Control+Click: Get used to it.

My sanity is suffering today.  Instead of taking a decaf tea break, I feel I must write to urge you to DRILL CONTROL+CLICK.  Do exercises.  Have a mantra.  Whatever.  Just get used to it.

I know James blogged about this last week, but I don’t think you can appreciate how hard this habit is to establish until you are messing with your first site plan in 2008.

Click more to find out what is making me so crazy.

In Civil 3D 2008, in order to select parcel segment labels (and many other types of labels) you must hold down the CONTROL button as you click.  If you don’t you actually pick both the label and the segment, and you wind up erasing the whole segment.

I thought I picked the label…. but not paying attention I pressed erase and CRUD.  This has been really messing with my aversion to the undo command with parcels, but so far undo has been treating me well.  I’ve done this about 30 times in the past hour.

Hold down CONTROL then CLICK the label and it selects what you want.


  1. Jonathan Stewart says:

    This is definately one of those new items that I just repeatedly keep asking WHY. It really seems backwards from most other common autocad commands. I really believe that if I want to select just the label I shouldn’t have to hold down another key. If I want more than just one item, “then” I should have to hold another key.
    My big issue is how can you change multiple parcel segment labels to another label style all at once?
    When you select multiple segment labels and right click, LABEL PROPERTIES is grayed out.

  2. Dane Martin says:

    In Civil3D 2007 you can change multiple labels once they are selected in the PROPERTIES dialog box. You can also change referenced labels in the PROPERTIES dialog box. For, example one surface to another.

  3. Jonathan Stewart says:

    In “2008”, when you pick multiple parcel segment labels using CTRL, the properties dialog box returns PARCEL SEGMENTS as the objects.