Color Me Impressed

DEM files have given us fits for years. They never worked like they were supposed to, popped in in the wrong places, just generally were difficult to manage. Between Nick Zeeben, Rob Todd and a few other folks, they got it right in 2008. That image is a free DEM overlaid on a GE image in the dead on right spot.

I still wouldn’t use EITHER surface for much more than preliminary work, but this is a huge step forward for the planners and preliminary design.

Well freakin’ done. And yes, that IS from Google Earth Pro. I have my license running right now, thank you very much.


  1. Sage Root says:

    Is anyone else getting the image in a slightly different location when importing the image alone vs. image and surface? When I import with the surface the image seems to be off by about 20′ or so.


  2. Sage Root says:

    Actually I only get the shifting when I have the terrain turned on in Google Earth. I need to do a little more testing to see if the DEM is shifted as well.