Carlson Connect for Civil 3D 2008

Hey, so this is what this place looks like…it’s like coming home after a tour in the Peace Corps 😉

Some of you have been wondering when Carlson Connect will be available for Civil 3D 2008 – it’s a good question, since it’s a very powerful add-on for surveyors using Civil 3D. I checked yesterday, and the preliminary projected dates put the release due in late July to early August. Not fantastic news, but….

Coming a bit sooner will be the release of Carlson Civil 2008. Since Carlson gets paid for Civil 2008 and Carlson Connect is something they do to be a great company, you can imagine what they’d be focused on (come on, do you do pro bono work before paying work in YOUR company???)

Once I receive Carlson Civil Suite 2008, I’ll let you folks know what’s new and how it compares to Civil 3D (hopefully I can climb back on that ship in June when things slow a bit.) Want a teaser? Ever wanted a “Design Site” button? I’ve seen it, and holy moly, it’s sweet….

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