Ain’t Technology Grand?

Back in October, I posted a cry for help – one for all the geeks out there to see if an idea could be conceived that would allow me to have broadband internet access at my rather rural home.   Nick and I had talked a lot about WIMAX, and I think it may have been possible, but was scared due to ground cover.   Charter wanted over $30,000 to run cable to my house (just over 2 miles) – I think they should be arrested for that…

So, the answer was satellite internet.   I just got my Wildblue dish installed this week and am up and running.   I actually get download speeds greater than I do at my office with a shared T1, but upload speeds aren’t anything to write home about.   What’s more, I’m on the office VPN working just like I was sitting at my desk, without spending 3+ hours per day sitting in my car.    Amazing.

So yeah, for the few people who read and answered my geek cry for help, thanks for the encouragement and hints.   And thanks to Mark for welcoming me to 1999 😉

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  1. hddixon3 says:

    Cool. Looking at their web site, it looks like they have reasonable prices for the type of technology involved. Comparable to my Cable ISP.