What Happened to my Assemblies? (Part II)

A comment was made on the last post on assemblies.

“A question regarding a similar(?) problem to this.  In ’07 you could copy assemblies and then edit them to your hearts content. In ’08, you cannot do this, it simply copies the assemly line and sends the sub-assembly parts flying. Any workaround suggestions? (the above solution doesn not work.)”

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If you use AutoCAD copy, clipboard copy or drag a completed assembly block over from a toolpalette, you will wind up with something like this:

Original Assembly:

Copied Assembly:

This one is a known issue, and I wouldn’t expect it to be a problem forever.

Work around ideas:

1- Copy with no displacement- i.e. copy assembly from 0,0,0 to 0,0,0 (or whatever).  Then move the copied assembly over to the side.

2- Clear offsets for each copied subassembly

I am sure there are other ideas for making this easier.  The performance and increased functionality in corridors in 2008 makes this a very minor annoyance in my mind.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks Dana!

    At about the same time I read the solution on the discussion forums on this thread from
    ike Evans @ 15:23 GMT on 24 April.

    Thanks all the same though. Thats what I like about Civil3D.com – it’s a lot more accessible than Autodesk’s forum.