Trimble Link for Autodesk Civil 3D 2007 (with direct FBK file import)

For those of you who’ve imported a Trimble .job file into Land Desktop, you may recall that when you converted the file to an FBK format, the Trimble add-on first created the FBK file then immediately launched the LDT utility to import the FBK file. Well, what’s old is new again and what at first I thought was just a bit of marketing on Trimble’s part turns out to be a pretty nifty tool.

The recently posted Trimble Link for Autodesk Civil 3D 2007 (with direct FBK file import) interfaces directly with the Survey databases, letting you create a new survey data base; add FBK data to a network in an existing database; or create a new network. Basically, you can control all the settings you normally set directly in the Survey toolspace. See image below.

Trimble link with FBK


This is not a major revealation, but it may save you a few clicks and those can all add up to time savings.




  1. M. Risdale-Smith says:


    I use Trimblelink to import survey data into civil3d 2008. The prism constant for traverse observations is -0.35mm, and the prism constant for radial observations is +0.02mm. These are defined in the fieldbook file using the survey command PRISM CONSTANT [constant].
    However when the fieldbook is imported into civil3d this appears to be ignored with the result that all my control point distance observations are incorrect by 35mm.

    Can you tell me what to do to get this to work properly, or is it a bug in the program?

  2. rosario Dilo says:


  3. Jason Hickey says:

    I’m sorry, we can’t (and won’t) distribute copyrighted software via this website. If you need Trimble Link, it can be freely downloaded from the Trimble web site.

  4. Andrew Hickin says:

    I am in the begining stages of setting up automated line work for our office, I know we are way behind the times! It appears as though there is not a distinct step by step process any where. We are using a Trimble S6 powered by the TSC2 data collector, our office techs are using civil 3d land desktop companion, although we do own the full version of Civil 3d we have not yet made the change. Any suggestions or tips!