The AutoCAD and Map 2008 User’s Guides in pdf

You know how I feel about the Civil 3D Users Guide (both content and volume), and since I am a paper hound, I like having a hard copy.  I also like the way .pdfs behave electronically over the Help File Interface.

Under Help, you can find the Civil 3D User’s Guide in pdf (If you haven’t gotten your Civil 3D 2008 yet, you can also download the pdfs from here.  Note that you can also get one free hard copy for every serial number on that page.)

I’ve been doing some research into visualization, tables and the other tools that are actually part of the AutoCAD help file and I was curious to find the pdf for the AutoCAD User’s Guide.

During the webcast today, I found out that this document installs by default at this location:

C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008\Setup\Docs and it is called “acad_aug.pdf”.

I couldn’t find a link that has the pdfs for download, but I did find this page that lists all of the available AutoCAD documentation and where to find it: AutoCAD Document List.

The Map User’s Guide can be downloaded here.


  1. MAnderson says:

    Hmmm, I thought DWF was the PDF killer. Why aren’t these DWF’s?

  2. Small corection.
    There are no free copies of the User’s Guide.
    Only Getting Started and Moving to.