Quick Drawing Change: Annotation Scale Button

This is a short, but very sweet new happy thing from Civil 3D 2008.  Nick Z. brought it to my attention at TechCamp a few weeks ago, and I have been waiting for him to blog it ever since.  Today, I bugged him and he said I could have it.  So here it is!

Changing drawing scale in Civil 3D 2006 and 2007 was a bit tedious because you had to go into the Settings tab, right click on drawing settings and open up the drawing settings dialog box, which for some reason, takes forever to open.  I usually advise people to set it once to something typical in their template and not mess with it much.

In 2008 this has become more fun.

Click more to find out how…

The nifty little Annotation Scale flyout down by my command line allows me to toggle between scales- and this changes the drawing scale for Civil 3D drawing settings, too!

Today I used it a few times to make labels appear smaller or larger for some screen captures- it was great, much faster than changing the style or messing with drawing scale the old way.

Caution- remember the two things that drawing scale most noticeably affects from a Civil 3D perspective are how your labels appear to you in model space and your profile vertical exaggeration.  While you are joyriding the annotation scale flyout keep in mind you might be blowing our your profile vertical scale, too!

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