Quick 3D Orbiting in Civil 3D

This one will be quick, I promise.   But I found out that only half of the back row of this classroom knew about it.   Yes, I’m sitting in the back of the room, in the cool kid’s club.

Want the quick way to do a 3D orbit in Civil 3D?   Hold down your shift button on the keyboard and press and hold your middle mouse button.   Move your mouse around and see the drawing orbit!


  1. Matt Kolberg says:

    This works in 2008, but you need to edit the CUI in 2007 for this to work, correct? At least that’s how my install works.


    p.s. I’m still bitter!

  2. Jason Hickey says:

    Funny you mention that – Dana had to edit her CUI as well. However, mine was set already to do that (I didn’t set it up.) What ahe did was edit the mouse button settings in the CUI and assigned Shift-Middle Click to the following macro – ^P’_3DORBITTRANSPARENT^P

  3. ChristopherF says:

    CTRL+holding the wheel down is pretty cool also, if you want to be lazy and not move your mouse very much while panning.