New for 2008: Showing Structure Connected Pipes as Ellipses- Automatically- In Profile


 In 2006 and 2007 we could show pipes that crossed into our structures in profile, but doing so was a manual process. 

Once you got the pipe crossing into profile, you had to give up on structure style part masking in order to see that coveted ellipse.

In Civil 3D 2008, we now can build showing those connected parts as part of our style- so they show up and adjust automatically AND they show up even if structure masking is set!

It is extremely easy to set up- just go into your favorite structure style and toggle the display bulb for Profile Structure Pipe Outlines.  Also note this works for sections, too.


  1. hddixon3 says:

    Nice!!! We’ve been waiting for this option. Didn’t know whether or not it would make it into 2008. Great!

    Dave D.

  2. Craig says:

    Great. One less thing holding us back from making the jump. Can the style be changed to make the pipes comming into the back of the manhole a hidden linetype?


  3. patrick peterson says:

    This is a nice feature. I have my structure style set to do this and it works for all but one of my structures. If I turn off the masking for the style the pipe shows up on that structure so I know that the pipe is connected and there. Any ideas on why one structure out of 20 will not show the connected pipes when masking is turned on?

  4. Ralph Sanchez says:

    Does this work in 2009? I can’t seem to get crossing elipses to show when the structure is using part masking.

  5. Ralph Sanchez says:

    Nevermind my previous comment. In order for “structure pipe outlines” to actually show up while masking is on, the equivalent pipe itself must _not_ be drawn in the profile view.