New Feature Line Edits in 2008

Feature lines are one of my favorite “features” in Civil 3D, but they have some quirks that make them a little irritating at times. Some of those quirks have been fixed in Civil 3D 2008 – click more to find out what those fixes may be…

Ever have a feature line that you wanted to either break or trim? Well, you couldn’t. The hack for that was to explode the feature line out to a 3D polyline and break/trim the 3D poly, then recreate the feature line. This worked fine with one small problem – if you had a curve in your feature line, it was broken up into small chord segments. But wait – that’s one of my favorite things about a feature line! Alas, there was no way to do that in 2007 – but in 2008, we get a few more commands in the ol’ Edit Feature Lines list –

Very nice that we can now break and trim our feature lines.

One more thing that I noticed last night while working was a new option when I choose to flatten elevations on a feature line using the elevation editor – whereas in 2007 I could only flatten all PVI’s to an elevation, 2008 gives me the choice of flattening to elevations OR grades, as shown below:

I’m liking feature lines more and more each day…..

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