How do I get Civil 3D to import a SID file?

So you have SID/MrSID.  You know, an image with a *.sid file format.

And you could SWEAR you used to be able to import them into LDT or Map using the Map>Image>Insert command.  But now, *.sid is not on the list.

Other bloggers may have talked about this, but it comes up SO MANY times on the discussion groups and with client visits, I figured I would take my decaf tea break (the joys of gestation) to tell you how you can get .sid back on your supported image list.

It’s easy.  Just install the Raster Design Object enabler.

The 2008 Raster Design Object Enabler just went live, so go get it once you install Civil 3D 2008.

Install this OE so that you can import MrSID into Civil 3D 2008:

Raster Design OE for 2008

Install this OE so that you can import MrSID into Civil 3D 2007:

Raster Design OE for 2007

(they should also apply to Land Desktop and Map 2007 and 2008 as well)

There is another way to import .sid files into Civil 3D using an FDO connection.  Maybe sometime I will post the hows and whys of that.  Or maybe Murph can get that up before I do.


  1. filip sakovic says:

    I import sid. file but I can’t see it in drawing! What now? I have civil 3d 2009
    Please help!

    Thanks for answer!

  2. filip sakovic says:

    I have that, raster_design_2009_oe_32 helps to import file, and I have sid file in drawing. but i can’t see it. layer is on but ther is no picture.